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I was talking to someone on skype and they sent me a picture but it was one of my drawings and they didn’t even know that I was the one who drew it lmao.

They said that they found it on know your meme, what are the chances of someone showing me my own picture without knowing it omg

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Skipping a rock over a frozen pond makes the coolest noise.

stick around for the surprise ending

There’s so much to talk about here

watch til the end.  perfect video.

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[sensei voice] Bravery is not simply a lack of fear, young one. True courage is wearing white shorts while on your period.

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So I have a story.  As I walked to the print shop on Monday of this week I noticed this minivan’s enticing offer.  I thought it was hilariously shady and scary, but didn’t think a whole lot of it being that I live in San Francisco where shady shit is the norm.  Yesterday as I went to the print shop to look at some proofs, the minivan was still there, but this time I took some photos.  It smelled awful, it smelled like death. 

Today again I had to head over the print shop to see some proofs as I’m working a con this weekend.  By pure and total coincidence I happened to arrive at the exact moment when the medical examiners and police were taking the body of presumably the owner of this minivan.

Its not the first dead body I’ve seen, but its the first I’ve seen in public.  I am moving out of San Francisco next week and I could not expect of a more fitting event to end my San Francisco experience.  Though to be clear this is still my favorite city in the world.  Its also probably the most unusual story ever involving a minivan.

No, it was a victim of rolfing.


metaknight has a talk with troubled Teen Kirby

u. just u

I’m really disgusted with myself when I realize that a really good artist is following/watching me and I’m not already following/watching them back.


also: consider exactlyv how gay sonic and mighty are 

I like cartoons and adult things. Sometimes they coincide, and it’s weird. But that’s ok.
—Roommate from in the other room.



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